About me

I have been involved in film production since 1996, working on music videos and short films.

I produce a wide range of video projects for clients that include well known names on the HIgh Street, musicians, magazines, colleges, local councils and the volunteer sector.

Usually the films generated are aimed at web/intranet distribution… primarily for marketing purposes. But I also produce films/programmes/commercials for broadcast, instruction, dvd and the cinema. Also more recently, creating content for iPAD magazines.

Depending on the needs of the production and budget, I produce films with a team of creative talent or as a ‘1 man band’, directing, filming, editing, dvd authoring etc.

I use predominantly DSLRs for filming, although I still use HD camcorders when needed (right tool for the right job!).

I also work with young people to give them an insight into the video production process and to liberate  their views and issues in a creative way. I think it is important to get young people as involved as possible, ‘hands on’ filming and editing rather than just a few ‘production meetings’ to tick a box. It is the only way to discover if film production is for them. As a qualified teacher I am used to dealing with, and getting the best out of young people.

I work mainly in and around London and the South East, but I have also been commissioned for projects in Europe.