We put our heads together for this one… our ideas were coming out a bit too ‘soapy!’
I was looking around my office and saw the figrig. I hadn’t used this in a long while… since I’ve moved over to DSLR for most of my work. But I thought it about it, we had the location booked… remembered ‘Timecode’ the Mike Figgis film and so I just threw this at Potent! He came up with a storyline, which we improvised around in the church for an hour. Then we managed 8 takes before being thrown out and picked the best of the bunch!
Figrig, Canon 7D, Tokina 11-16mm Lens, Marshall 7″ monitor.
Potent Whisper, Andrae Bentley, Rachel Keys, Cydney Bronte Dunbavin-Hands
Download sonf from Potentwhisper.com